B3 - Advanced Stage (20 Lessons)-Installment

B3 - Advanced Stage (20 Lessons)-Installment

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——What you will get from Beginner 3:

Be able to have talk in the work place and speak Chinese dialogues with clients after Beginner 3. you will learn:

  1. Greetings
  2. Self-introduction
  3. Time expressions
  4. Asking for directions
  5. How to order in a restaurant
  6. How to give holiday greetings in Mandarin
  7. Phone language
  8. Meetings
  9. Purchasing Gifts
  10. Transportation
  11. Guest etiquette
  12. Hobbies
  13. Travel planning
  14. How to check-in
  15. How to exchange money
  16. How to introduce cuisine
  17. How to ask for help
  18. Hospital terms
  19. Living habits & night market culture
  20. Farewell

 ——Learning Requirements & Prerequisites:

No previous knowledge is required.
Take notes and do the exercises and quizzes earnestly.
Practice many times after learning each pronunciation elements,words and texts.

 ——Who this course is for:

Business Professionals who want to learn authentic Business Mandarin in a quick and effective way.  
Beginners who don't know where to start.
New arrivals in China and those who are planning to visit China.
Those who want to work in China or work in a Chinese company.


This course will teach you how to learn Mandarin in a simple and effective way. 
The correct way to learn Mandarin is:

- Learn Pinyin first, next practice listening, speaking, business etiquette and culture at the same time so that you can speak fluent Mandarin and express your feelings. 

Our course:
Our course is divided into 3 modules:pronunciation, from zero to daily communication, from zero to basic communication in work, from zero to free speaking at You will have a customized course for your learning needs and can get interactive live-stream classes with our experienced tutors, video recording of class for review and practice, and tutoring to answer your questions.

After every class, there will be a test and exercise to give you more practice.

We also provide a free complete learning references package so you can review and practice to help you learn Mandarin quickly.

Teaching Mode:
Our VIP classes are taught on TANZHOUKETANG APP, where students can interact with our tutors to correct pronunciation mistakes before they become habits.
We record each class and give access to students so they can replay each class for review and practice.
VIP tutors provide extra help to students who have questions or need extra help.
The combination of Live Stream+Class Videos+Tutoring gives students the most support to learn Mandarin quickly and effectively.

After learning each module:
You will have a quiz to find out what you know,what your weaknesses are and how to overcome After completing all 3 modules, you will be able to speak authentic Mandarin and be more competitive in the International Market, and you can continue to learn HSK, Travel Chinese, and Basic Business Chinese.